Lilly Rose Beauty - Hair Oil 8oz


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Lilly Rose Beauty HAIR Oil 

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Calendula, Horsetail Herb, Roses. 

Benefits: Promotes healthy hair growth, stops split ends, moisturizes hair, and combats dry brittle hair. 

Directions For Hair: 1. Drip Oil Into the Scalp. 2. Lightly Massage Scalp / Gentle Finger Detangle 3. Pray For Yourself or The Child. (Use Daily) 

Directions: Apply copious amounts all over the hair, focusing on the scalp and ends, repeating as necessary. For best results rinse hair with luke cool water after applying Lilly Rose Oil (this method locks in moisture to individual hair strands), and apply whenever hair feels dry. Recommends oiling 2-3x per week.

Step 1: Part Hair into Sections Apply Oil

Step 2: Pray Over Your Kid's Hair As You Massage the Scalp For 5 Min. 

Step 3: Braid Child's Hair into 2 French braids or twist hair to lock in moisture if you can 

Step 4: Seal Ends with Lilly Rose Beauty Oil

Step 5: Wrap with Lilly Rose Satin Bonnet


[Duo use - can be used on the Kid's Hair too]


Size: 8 oz. Bottle  

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