Blessed and Highly Favored

by Yolanda " Yogi" Atwater

Yolanda Atwater

This book is attributed to the late Yolanda "Yogi" Atwater. She released this book and we are keeping her legacy alive. 

“Goodbyes are for those
Who love with their eyes
Because for those who
Love with their heart and soul
There is no separation”

These lovely words are a reminder that while Yolanda (Roberts) Atwater, whom we will forever know simply as Yogi, may be separated from us in a physical, earthly sense; however, she is ever more present in her authentic form, a tender spirit, radiating life and love.

In the realm of visionary entrepreneurs, Yolanda Atwater stood as a luminary, casting a radiant glow that illuminated not only her businesses but the hearts of all who knew her. Her legacy, crafted over 25 years of transformative expertise, was more than the sum of her successful enterprises—it was a testament to her character, her infectious smile, and her unwavering vision for a brighter world.

Yolanda Atwater wasn't just an entrepreneur; she was a beacon of positivity, her smile akin to a sunbeam that could brighten the darkest of days. Her presence was magnetic, drawing people in with an irresistible warmth that left a lasting impression. In her eyes, one could glimpse the depth of her compassion and the sincerity of her mission to uplift others.

As the creative force behind Sister's Hair Salon, Sister's product line, The Wigs for Cancer foundation, and Mind, Body, and Hair, Yolanda transformed businesses into havens of inspiration. Her vision extended beyond the physical transformations; she aimed to touch souls, to remind everyone of their inherent worth and potential. Yolanda's businesses weren't just spaces where beauty thrived; they were sanctuaries of self-discovery and empowerment.

Yolanda's passion found its crowning glory in Blessed and Highly Favored: Planning A New You Planners. Through this creation, she bestowed upon the world a tool of profound significance, a testament to her belief in the power of God, self-reflection and intention setting. Yolanda's planners weren't merely products; they were her way of encouraging others to embark on a transformative journey, mirroring her own unwavering faith, commitment to personal growth and positive change.

In the legacy of Yolanda Atwater, her smile lives on as a symbol of hope, her vision as a guiding light, and her character as an enduring source of inspiration. She leaves behind not just a business empire but a legacy of love, compassion, and empowerment. Yolanda's story isn't confined to the pages of history; it echoes in the hearts of everyone she touched, reminding us; to smile, dream big, and leave a lasting impact on the world, just as she did.

"Immerse into the transformative pages of Blessed and Highly Favored Planners, where introspection and purpose harmonize, unveiling your true potential. This extraordinary tool transcends the ordinary planner—it resonates with the essence of Yolanda's vision, empowering you to craft your unique narrative of strength. Seize this remarkable opportunity to reflect, set intentions, and reveal your authentic potential. Embrace the journey toward a life overflowing with inspiration, meaning, and fulfillment. Don't miss out—reserve your exclusive copy today and embark on your path to personal metamorphosis which allows you to create your unique destiny—

Yolanda’s invitation to plan a new you.