Anti-Sleep Drowsy Alarm for Drivers


The Anti Sleep Drowsy Alarm For Drivers works by keeping drivers awake during the night or long drives. It uses the principle of electronic balance and will not interfere with the movement of the car. To use, simply set the position that the alarm will sound, this allows it to suit different conditions and preference of each driver. The alarm will only sound when the driver's head falls forward, at the preset angle. 

A gravity switch inside the alarm monitors the position of the driver's head. The Anti Sleep Drowsy Alarm for Driver is Lightweight & Comfortable, making it suitable for daily wear. It also fits snugly around the ear and will stay in place even if glasses are worn 

Avoid accidents on the road with the Anti Sleep Drowsy Alarm for Drivers and get yours today! Dimensions:

6 x 3.6 x 0.6 inches 

Colors Available:

Black & White 

Power Source:

Battery Powered

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