Traditional way of riveting is too laborious, inefficient and noisy. It's time to follow up the pace, riveting is now easy with DrillerRIVET.
LOWER NOISE: No more hammer sound from the traditional riveter.
INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Ensures high productivity and improve your return on investment with very low installation cost.  Furthermore, you are using the same drill for drilling and riveting!
PRODUCT PARAMETERS: Light-weight: 1.1 lbs;
Nozzle Size: 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" ;
MAX RPM: 1000 RPM; Minimum Torque
Strength: 15N.m; Aluminum: 2.4 mm - 4.8 mm;
Steel: 2.4 mm - 4.0 mm
IMPROVE EFFICIENCY: The rivets do not drop out. Quick release and installation, excellent ergonomics, great strength and great added features.
CONVENIENT & LABOR SAVING: Contrasted with the traditional riveter, the insert nut makes tasks so easy when connected with drill, reducing user fatigue.

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